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  1. Konrad Tenwolde says:

    This was my first time to MOCAD or an art gallery of any kind. The exhibition was called Vision in a Cornfield and was created by three different artistic groups. The exhibition involved cars that had been turned into African fetishes. The cars were highly decorated with lots of detail. The cars had a messy street graffiti style with repeated patterns. There were three dimensional objects added to the car for design purpose. The closer you looked at the cars the more detail was revealed. The cars were also altered mechanically to move, they moved with music and lights to perform together in a balanced way. There was also a good use of light to create mystery like being in a cornfield and the use of space was also intended to move the audience in a certain way.
    I thought the exhibition was good and I appreciated all the work. Another display was of a hooded woman with only her eyes showing it represented a lot of different things. The other artwork was interesting to look at and detailed it had a combination of textures created by different mediums and canvases.

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  2. Ruwaida Ba-arma says:

    I enjoyed my first visit to the MOCAD. The exhibition “Vision of a Cornfield” was unique and memorable. I have never seen anything like it before; I didn’t know what to think. I was wondering how long it took the artist to create the piece and set it up. I was drawn in by the use of repetition and patterns. Repetition was used in the placement of the cars, the use of the colors, the patterns of the lines around the car that was created using different media and the pattern that was spray painted on the car. The shadows and the reflection of the lights created a mysterious atmosphere and feeling of being in a cornfield. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the time that was put into it. I noticed a portrait of a man on the last car, which I found really interesting. Every car had a theme and a story to it some were clearer than others, but all were interesting.

  3. Ashley Laskey says:

    MOCAD is a great experience into the artworld. The mission of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is, “to present art at the forefront of contemporary culture. As a non-collecting institution, MOCAD is responsive to the cultural content of our time, fueling crucial dialogue, collaboration, and public engagement.” The piece of artwork that I thought was very interesting was the, ”Vision In A Cornfield.“ This is a multilayered installation that includes work by a wide range of artists. The exhibit represents the intersection of two perspectives that features the ceremonial conversion of abandoned vehicles into heavily adorned and animated African fetish objects. The presentation is a dual experience. There is an empty vehicle in a cornfield, this is centered around the transformation of abandoned vehicles into art objects. One of several vehicles is surrounded by “prayer circles” in different mediums. These objects took many types of forms, creating a pleasing aesthetic experience, including the automobile and the costume pieces. I believe the “Vision in a Cornfield” has turned the MOCAD’s main area of the gallery into a truly new and remarkable experience, while using many patterns of design elements.

  4. Jessica Haj says:

    MOCAD was not the first art exhibit I’ve visited, but it was definitely one of the more interesting ones. What caught my eyes the most in the exhibition “Vision in a Cornfield” was all the different colors all over the place, dark, dim, light and bright colors. Also, so many different shapes varied in all sizes. So much variety and so much to look at and enjoy. Light plays a huge role here too because there’s light coming from everywhere, reflecting from one piece on to another. I found the automobiles far more interesting than the costumes, probably because there was alot of creative patterns, each one a different form. The costumes reminded me of the old days, which remind me of the subject History, that I absolutely hate, which is probably why I didn’t enjoy them as much. Although, looking at them from an artist point of view, they’re very eye catchy. Overall, it was a great experience and definitely worth the walk in the cold 🙂

  5. banin1 says:

    Mocad is a modern experience in art. The exhibition “Vision in a Cornfield” shows cars designed in different ways. Every car decorated with repeated patterns and had a story .the details in each cars make many types of forms .I liked how the cars moved with music and lights to perform together in a balanced way. Also the clothes were display and related to each car.
    Another display was the different look of the woman that mean every eye had different look in the life
    I thought this exhibition was interesting and new and I enjoyed this walking trip.

  6. Kelly Guillory says:

    The MOCAD trip was very enjoyable for me. It wasn’t the first time I’d gone to visit Visions in a Cornfield; the first time was during Dlectricity, when everyone was in costume and the show was seeing its opening night.

    On that evening, there was a steady fog on the ground and the set lights were a little dimmer. People were wandering around in awe and staring at the cars moving like one of those old Showbiz Pizza puppet machines. It was fun to look at, and eerie. When we visited again as a class, I knew what was coming so I stood back in anticipation to watch.

    Watching the other students regard the cars in silence, noticing a MOCAD staff member activate the sensors to start the cars again, and looking at everyone’s reactions was like watching a backstage tour of a play you’ve already seen, except you’re going with someone who hasn’t seen the play at all. It was very fun, and I enjoyed how the silence of the museum added a different effect to the installation, than walking around with a crowd of onlookers and a party going on next door.

  7. Zach Thompson says:

    MOCAD was a great educational experiencing, especially for myself being interested in the contemporary arts. It was my first time ever walking in the doors of the facility and my first impressions were very good. When I walked in the design of the museum was very urban and had a grungy sense to it. From there we walked around and checked out displays in the surrounding rooms. The displays themselves were rather captivating, each of which told there own story. The contemporary arts have always entertained myself because it requires me to do a lot of thinking to uncover the meaning behind the art.

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